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The key points of 'Everything Is Figureoutable: How One Simple Belief Can Help Us Overcome Any Obstacle and Create Unstoppable Success' by Marie Forleo

In 'Everything Is Figureoutable' by Marie Forleo, readers are introduced to a powerful belief that can help them overcome any obstacle and achieve unstoppable success. This belief is the foundation for a mindset that encourages problem-solving, resilience, and personal growth. Through practical applications in daily life, individuals can experience empowerment, confidence, and transformative mindset shifts. Here are the key takeaways from the book:

Key Takeaways

  • Belief in 'Everything Is Figureoutable' empowers individuals to overcome obstacles with determination and creativity.

  • Adopting a problem-solving mindset enables individuals to approach challenges with a solutions-oriented approach.

  • Building resilience through the belief that everything is figureoutable helps individuals bounce back from setbacks and failures.

  • Embracing the concept of 'Everything Is Figureoutable' leads to a sense of empowerment and confidence in one's abilities.

  • The mindset shifts encouraged by 'Everything Is Figureoutable' promote personal growth and a positive outlook on life.

The Power of 'Everything Is Figureoutable'

Belief in Overcoming Obstacles

The mantra 'Everything Is Figureoutable' instills a powerful conviction that no matter the challenge, a solution exists. This belief acts as a catalyst, transforming daunting obstacles into manageable tasks. It's not just about optimism; it's about a fundamental trust in our own abilities to navigate life's complexities.

  • Recognize the obstacle

  • Embrace the belief that a solution is possible

  • Break down the problem into smaller, actionable steps

The concept also parallels ideas in public administration, where government accountability relies on leadership that can effectively manage risks, engage citizens, and maintain transparency. Just as individuals can overcome personal challenges, institutions can tackle systemic issues by investing in risk mitigation, which is crucial for both public safety and the health of democracy.

Creating Unstoppable Success

The mantra 'Everything Is Figureoutable' is not just a tool for overcoming obstacles; it's a foundation for building unstoppable success. Success is not a destination, but a journey that requires continuous learning and adaptation. By internalizing this belief, individuals can cultivate a mindset that views challenges as opportunities for growth and innovation.

  • Embrace challenges as opportunities

  • Learn from failures and setbacks

  • Adapt and innovate continuously

The principles of 'Everything Is Figureoutable' align with effective negotiation strategies, such as those from 'Never Split the Difference' by Chris Voss. These strategies emphasize the importance of focusing on interests over positions, asking open-ended questions, and engaging in collaborative problem-solving to achieve win-win solutions.

Practical Applications in Daily Life

Problem-Solving Mindset

Adopting a problem-solving mindset is essential for applying the principle that everything is figureoutable. Challenges become opportunities for growth and learning when approached with this mindset. Instead of being paralyzed by obstacles, individuals with a problem-solving attitude actively seek solutions and are more adaptable to change.

  • Recognize the issue at hand.

  • Brainstorm possible solutions.

  • Evaluate the options and choose the best course of action.

  • Implement the solution and monitor its effectiveness.

The story of the Radium Girls is a poignant reminder of the power of collective problem-solving. Their fight for justice highlighted the importance of workers' rights, collective action, and accountability in the workplace, inspiring advocacy for worker protections and safety regulations.

Building Resilience

Adopting the 'Everything Is Figureoutable' philosophy is not just about solving problems as they arise; it's also about building resilience for the future. Resilience is the muscle we develop that allows us to bounce back from setbacks and challenges with greater ease and less stress.

  • Recognize that resilience is a skill that can be strengthened over time.

  • Reflect on past challenges and the strategies that helped you overcome them.

  • Maintain a supportive network of friends, family, and colleagues.

  • Practice self-care and mindfulness to manage stress and maintain mental health.

Impact on Personal Growth

Empowerment and Confidence

Embracing the philosophy of Everything Is Figureoutable instills a profound sense of empowerment. When individuals believe they can solve any problem, they approach challenges with a can-do attitude. This mindset fosters a self-reliant and proactive approach to life, where obstacles become opportunities for growth and learning.

Understanding that every setback is a setup for a comeback can dramatically shift one's self-perception. Here are a few ways empowerment and confidence manifest:

  • Recognition of personal strengths and achievements

  • Willingness to take calculated risks

  • Enhanced decision-making abilities

  • Greater trust in one's intuition and judgment

Mindset Shifts

Adopting the 'Everything Is Figureoutable' philosophy necessitates a fundamental shift in mindset. It's about transitioning from a fixed mindset, which sees challenges as insurmountable, to a growth mindset that views difficulties as opportunities for development and learning. This transformation is pivotal for personal growth.

Embracing this new way of thinking involves recognizing that our abilities and intelligence can be developed through dedication and hard work. It's a belief that fosters perseverance and encourages us to approach problems with curiosity rather than fear.

Here are some key mindset shifts that can occur:

  • Viewing failures as lessons rather than setbacks.

  • Believing in the potential for improvement rather than feeling stuck.

  • Approaching life with a sense of adventure, not trepidation.


In conclusion, 'Everything Is Figureoutable' by Marie Forleo presents a powerful belief that can help individuals overcome any obstacle and achieve unstoppable success. The key points discussed in this article highlight the importance of adopting a mindset that embraces challenges and believes in the possibility of finding solutions to any problem. By internalizing the concept that everything is figureoutable, readers are encouraged to approach life with a sense of resilience, creativity, and determination. Marie Forleo's message serves as a reminder that with the right mindset and belief in one's abilities, anything is possible. Embracing the idea that everything is figureoutable can empower individuals to navigate through life's challenges with confidence and determination, ultimately leading to personal growth and success.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can the belief in 'Everything Is Figureoutable' help in overcoming obstacles?

The belief in 'Everything Is Figureoutable' empowers individuals to approach obstacles with a problem-solving mindset, leading to creative solutions and perseverance.

What are some practical ways to apply the concept of 'Everything Is Figureoutable' in daily life?

Practical applications include breaking down challenges into manageable steps, seeking support from others, and maintaining a positive attitude towards problem-solving.

How does 'Everything Is Figureoutable' contribute to building resilience?

By instilling the belief that any challenge can be overcome, individuals develop a resilient mindset that helps them bounce back from setbacks and adversity.

In what ways does embracing 'Everything Is Figureoutable' impact personal growth?

Embracing this belief fosters empowerment, boosts confidence, and encourages individuals to take on new challenges with a growth-oriented mindset.

Can a mindset shift towards 'Everything Is Figureoutable' improve decision-making skills?

Yes, adopting this mindset can enhance decision-making skills by promoting a proactive approach to problem-solving and encouraging experimentation and learning from failures.

How can 'Everything Is Figureoutable' help individuals achieve unstoppable success?

By cultivating a belief in limitless possibilities and the ability to overcome any obstacle, individuals can create a path to success that is fueled by determination, resilience, and a growth mindset.

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